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Where Creativity Ignites & Happiness Evolves!
Biu DIY Studio - Fun for all ages! Buy, Make, Play!
Fun = Choose any material
+ Make it here (As many as you want)
+ Bring home for free

Welcome to Biu DIY Studio, we are not only a craft making store, but rather a place you can release all your pressure. Here, you won’t think about your frustrating work, your annoying colleague , or anything else that bothers you. We are here to help you forget!
All our materials help you to concentrate, stimulate your imagination and creativity. And after all, you can bring all the works home without additional charge as a memory.
Furthermore, we charge by the hour, which means you don't have to spend extra time or money on supplies you may never use again! When you've completed your craft, it's yours to take home and enjoy.
Our Low Hourly Charge of Just $18 Includes:

  • FREE Tutorial
  • FREE Soft Drinks
  • All Material

If you'd rather buy the art supplies and work in the privacy of your home, we make it possible for you to buy whatever you need in our store at affordable prices. From beads and modeling clay, to diamond blocks and 3D metal puzzles, we can supply you with a wide variety of fun and unique DIY projects.

When it comes to DIY and crafts, it can be frustrating to buy all the materials and bring them home only to realize that the directions are confusing or just plain wrong. It's also difficult for some, in between the busy hustle and bustle of every day life, to carve out time to create arts and crafts and just have fun. When you come to Biu DIY Studio, you'll have nothing but pure arts and crafts fun!

If you have any questions or would simply like to come by and check out our store, come to Biu DIY Studio at 60 Brian Harrison Way, Unit 3 in Toronto, ON. 

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Ways to Contact us:

Phone: 647-637-3450


We look forward to seeing you!

Some Examples of Fun Projects:

Modeling Clay

Our clay has 24 colours and all the colours are mixable. It is really easy to change its shape and total safe for anyone. It is air dry and the shape will be remained the way it is eternity. You can get 1 bag (20 grams) for $1 or make UNLIMITED here for an hour $18, 2 hours $30!

clay models

Perler Beads

Also known as Melting Beads. You can buy a bag of it and play at home or make UNLIMITED here for an hour $18, 2 hours $30!

perler bead

Felted Wool

This is tricky for first time player, but when you get used to it, it has so much fun! Since you can always change its shape and never worried about it will not be cute. We suggest you to play it here for the first time to get the basic techniques. It is UNLIMITED for an hour $18! 2 hours $30 as well!!

felted wool dog in a tea cup

Metal Puzzles

If you prefer to slowly enjoy it at home it is $15 for one. Or if you want us to complete for you, it is $20 or $25 depend on the difficulty.

Or do it here UNLIMITEDLY for an hour $18! 2 hours $30!!

Metal Puzzle

Diamond Blocks

Similar to LEGO, but only a quarter of the size!
These make for very cool gifts to your loved ones.

Or bring them to do it here UNLIMITEDLY for an hour $18! 2 hours $30!

diamond blocks

We Offer Customized Gifts! Contact us for details!

Additional $3 Off for 1 hour = $15/hour with Facebook check-in or Reservation!

Biu DIY Studio
Unit 3, 60 Brian Harrison Way
Toronto, ON M1P5J5

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  • MasterCard
  • Debit
  • Cash
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